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    Capital Real Estate Management LLC.
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    I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand this application, and all information that has been submitted, including the information listed on this application, is true and correct. I understand that all application information and materials are being relied upon in application processing and are a pre-condition to approval by Capital Real Estate Management . Any false statements or omissions are grounds for immediate application rejection, or future termination of any lease signed pursuant to this application. I hereby authorize management to conduct routine housing references, employment verification, criminal background checks, public records checks, financial reference investigations, and to obtain and rely on credit agency reports for the purpose of processing this application. I understand and acknowledge that my performance under any lease agreement I may enter into with the landlord may be reported to such credit-reporting agency, and authorize management to obtain my credit report for the purpose of collecting any amounts due pursuant to any future lease agreement with the landlord.

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